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The development trend of modern automobile lighting system

Le 18 juin 2014, 03:39 dans Humeurs 0

Car lighting system is currently undergoing major changes, HID and LED light source not only got a wider range of applications, and automotive lighting system is becoming more and more intelligent.And extends the scope of intelligent, car makers are using more secure, more environmental protection, the design is more exquisite and more province oil advantages to attract users.At the same time, the new car models must also comply with the provisions of the latest, this leads to the new technology are applied.

In the lamps and lanterns of sedan, in addition to the license plate lamp, main effect is to provide drivers with road lighting, in certain circumstances can also plays a role of signal, such as overtaking was shining headlight to notice to the other party.Signal is for the convenience of other motorists to identify default profile and judge default of trends.The turn signals and brake lights is an important signal lamp, it is very important for car safety.In order to further enhance security, in recent years, widely used in cars, deputy brake lights - high brake lights, placed in the archives of the wind window position to attract the attention of others.

Car lighting system is one of the three major security a car, is the main active safety device.Such as car headlights, it is one of the important parts, ensure the safety work of car headlamps lamp as the farther the distance, the light distribution features, the better, the higher the security performance of the car.Due to automotive lighting are key components of train operation safety, therefore, the outside lights and outside lights, belong to a mandatory inspection of the project.Given the light plays an important role for car safety, all countries have strict regulations.To change the traditional way of light, the first to study law problems.Therefore, Europe has organized manufacturers (such as BMW, the Louvre, Benz, vw/audi, ford, Volvo, Renault, Peugeot, Citroen), system supplier and manufacturer of lamps and lanterns of lamps and lanterns to join the working group, to carry out research in order to make on the lighting design can have greater freedom, gradually to adapt to the light, and put forward the suggestion that the new regulations.

Car makers are using more secure, more environmental protection, the design is more exquisite and more province oil advantages to attract users.At the same time, the new car models must also comply with the provisions of the latest, this leads to the new technology are applied.


Auto Lighting System DC 12V Roud LED Car Light Red CM-DAY-091

Car lighting system is currently undergoing major changes, HID and LED light source not only got a wider range of applications, and automotive lighting system is becoming more and more intelligent, and extends the scope of intelligent.Such as headlights even can transform any Angle, so that the driver see the corners, but it also depends on the car's speed.In addition, car interior lighting system also has an important impact on the environment inside the car, design engineers is trying to make this system can be integrated with the internal environment more.With the development of automobile technology, cars headlamps changing more and more.In modern cars, the past can be loading and unloading of the incandescent light bulb and incandescent vacuum headlamps has to be eliminated, instead, the halogen headlamps, its time and spread to the world, in recent years become a main force of car headlamps.At present, many manufacturers have developed a variety of different samples are tested, and some intelligent type headlamps have been put on the latest prototype.

Active rotation head lamp

In the next few years we can see the Audi advanced headlights lighting system, from top to bottom: corner lamp lighting system and steering lock and speed input response;Headlights rotation;Headlight beam shape changes along with the change of the surrounding environment.

In fact, part of Citroen models has been used as early as a few years ago the rotating head lamp, but the technology is not widely popular.But now the active rotation head lamp were again, and will has a better application than ever before.

The Audi advanced head lamp lighting system (AFS) application in the car was high hopes.In fact, the technology of the most basic lighting system (corner lamp lighting system) has been used in the Audi A8 luxury cars and other vehicles.But mentioned this kind system is more interesting is: before they even in the car began to turn can have on around the corner.

In the Audi system, side lighting mainly depends on steering Angle, however, it also related to the speed of the car.For example, when the car on the highway and the city, when the corresponding input signal into the system (GPS), headlights automatically change the beam width, Angle and range.Almost all the luxury car sales in the assembly with a GPS navigation system, so the system is feasible, and the safety performance of the system is significant.

Traditional dipped headlights when a corner in the radius of curvature is 190 m, the traditional low beam lights can provide illumination range only 30 m, and the system can reach 55 m. active lighting system for HID lighting technology has been widely used for Mercedes cars.Independent microcontroller, by processing from the sensors in the steering Angle and speed of real-time information, control the motor rotation corresponding headlights.In addition, the traditional active headlight can be used to reduce glare on the driver.

BMW lighting system

BMW pixels lighting system, this is the German carmaker recently started to study technology, the so-called "pixelheadlights" system, it adopts 480000 independent control of microscope to replace the traditional launch mirror function.This kind of method to form the headlight beams shape completely conforms to the driver's driving condition, at the same time also won't produce dazzling in the lighting.And in turn, cities, highways and unique lighting effect when it is bad weather, in addition, its subsidiary light can also illuminates the road sign.

BMW Pixel light headlight system can give the driver provides special tips, warning information, such as a left turn when the light beam shows the corresponding information left arrow.

Headlamps headlamps and intellectualization

LED headlamps, the north American international auto show debut ford concept car, the one will combine environmental protection science and technology, using solar energy as power source of lighting system, gathering energy when the sunshine in the daytime, storing, night can provide lighting is used;Another concept car USES light emitting diode LED to replace traditional light bulb, because the LED has high brightness, the advantages of short reaction time and long service life.Normally applied in the tail lights, LED the ford engineers apply this technology skillfully to car headlights.2007 Lincoln Aviator will also use the new lighting system, comprehensive all foreseeable future ford's cars to use this head lamp lighting system is possible.Ford will be the first to the LED placement head lamp design and the actual production of the depot.In the new lighting system, in addition to AFS applied to active steering lighting system, and combining with the LED light source, advocate the lamp still adopts the traditional halogen bulbs, have high brightness light source but the but again not HID the dazzle eye doubts, plus auxiliary LED lighting, the vehicle can have a full range of lighting.


Auto Lighting System LED Car Light DC 12V 0.7A 1W/ LED 6000K~7000K 400-500LM SMD 5050 Blue CM-DAY-083

Intelligent system: headlamps Hella integration in the use of high pressure gas discharge bi-xenon headlamps batch production has been mature.On this basis, the company developed new dynamic turn lights.Dynamic cornering light is an important part of intelligent headlamp system, the new technology greatly improve the driving safety and comfort.The characteristics of the dynamic cornering light is under the different turning radius, the headlamps can in horizontal swing within plus or minus 150 degrees, which makes the low beam lights to illuminate the turn area expanded almost doubled, to help the driver to turn better and faster to adapt to the road.When the turning radius is 190 m, ordinary headlamps can light up the front corner about 30 m, and dynamic cornering light illuminates the bend area can be extended for another 25 m or so.High beam in activation function, dynamic cornering light also play a role.

Halogen headlamps

The traditional there are two groups of filament headlamps, penetrate far and near the beam respectively.Far brighter light beam, according to further apart, it is mainly used for high speed;Nearly dark, light beam according to get closer, it is mainly used for passing.When to use far lamp or near lamp was monopolized by the drivers, and headlamps beam intensity in each group is not adjustable, Angle is adjusted in the process of installation.

Auto lighting system related to share

The rubber tire industry in our country environmental protection cleaner production progress obviously

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In late April, tire industry opened two consecutive meetings, were China rubber industry association to hold the tire industries cleaner production evaluation index system of standard workshops and flue gas treatment technology for chemical rubber corporation and China seminar.Consistent the theme, it shows that in the face of continued shortage of energy resources and environmental pressures, the rubber tire industry in our country has taken the clean production, the control of pollutant discharge and so on work to a new height.Achieve a low carbon economy, but at the same time, was not sudden things, there are many companies are still in the blind investment backward production capacity, a large amount of waste of resources and energy.As a result, the green tire manufacturing, rubber industry also need to work harder.

Policy constraints for power

Along with our country industrialization and urbanization, the deepened, energy resource consumption continues to increase, continue to intensify the pressure on the control of air pollution, countries continuously for environmental management measures.In September 2013, the state council promulgated the atmospheric pollution prevention plan of action (also called "prevention and control of atmospheric 10"), gives the local governance of air quality goals.The standing committee of the National People's Congress in April 2014, examined and approved the revised "environmental protection act, the law will come into force as of January 1, 2015.New revision of the environmental law in order to promote the prevention and control of atmospheric pollution, especially in the implementation of "prevention and control of atmospheric 10" laid a legal foundation.Pollution prevention at the same time to strengthen the enterprise responsibility, not only introduced the concept of "according to the daily penalty", and establish a "blacklist" system, the environmental illegal information recorded in the social credit archives and publish to the society, improve the enterprise's illegal cost, will encourage enterprises to increase investment in environmental protection technology and equipment.In addition, the national development and reform commission in the unit GDP energy consumption intensity and the "double control", the total consumption form reversed transmission mechanism.

In addition, the industry association in terms of self-discipline and the positive and effective exploration.On March 1, issued by China rubber industry association of China's first green tire self-discipline standard technical specification for the green tire was tested, and clear the standard of green tire is one of the production process to practice green manufacturing idea, realize the production process of low energy consumption, low noise, low dust, low flue gas.And put forward the relevant index to the clean production technology, water pollutants and air pollutants emission limits, recommended 18 green tire production technology.








Cleaner production progress obviously

According to expert introduction, by adopting energy saving and environmental protection technology, energy saving and environmental protection management measures, increase the intensity of technical investment, tire companies in China in recent years in terms of energy saving, consumption reduction, reduction, pollution has made obvious progress.

Some advanced enterprises have been out of the scene of the catch PaoMaoDiLou, lighting energy saving, gu feng ping mistake electricity, more than buildings and pipe heat preservation and heat insulation, heat and pressure recycling, prohibit empty details such as management, basic management stage, into the reinforcement enhancements small leather, technology innovation, and vigorously implement the technology reform of the higher stage.Some advanced enterprises through perfecting the environmental protection and energy conservation agencies and personnel, to import the environmental management system and energy management system, improve the energy monitoring, through the management measures to achieve energy saving and environmental protection.

, experts say, energy saving, consumption reduction, reduction, anti-pollution are equally important, focus mainly on the energy conservation, the most potential can be dug.Now the national tire industry average profit margin of 4% sales revenue, average energy consumption accounts for the proportion of the cost of 7% or more, if the cost of energy use fell by 30%, could be increased by 2%, the average sales revenue margins is profit growth at half the total level, the importance of the obvious energy saving."Three wastes" treatment, the dust in the flue gas had the greatest influence on surrounding, especially rubber refining workshop, vulcanization workshop the stench of smoke.Enterprises to configure the exhaust system, set up a large shield, deodorization treatment device, such as waste gas capture rate at the same time, vent stack height to meet the requirements, to achieve high emissions, to further reduce exhaust the stench of nearby environment air.Wastewater by the centralized processing to the rubber industrial pollutants emission standards (GB27632-2011) after the requirements through the sewage pipe network outside.Can create powerful enterprise buried sewage treatment station, adopting "grille + adjust pool + MBR method + disinfection pool", such as sewage treatment technology, and production of sewage wastewater treatment.

Environmental protection technical input

In recent years, some tire enterprises to actively practice concept of green manufacturing, in the aspect of energy saving, consumption reduction, reduction, prevent pollution vast sums to be willing to part with or use, and also received a considerable economic and social benefits, in the industry has set a model, is worthy of reference for colleagues.

As early as in 2009, the triangle group in the tire industry has the strategy of "low carbon economy, green manufacturing" concept.Built in 2012, the "low carbon, green, environmental protection, high efficiency, intelligent" advanced manufacturing base - weihai huamao rubber branch of science and technology, formed a "low energy consumption, low pollution, low emission" product manufacturing model.

Zhongce rubber group, the energy saving and environmental protection in the first place.In 2011, China strategic new project chose 127 hydraulic vulcanizing machine, and the 8 mechanical vulcanizing machine hydraulic transformation, total annual savings BiaoMei 7800 tons.In 2013, the company has 336 all-steel tire vulcanizing machine for the nitrogen vulcanization, vulcanizing machine each save 41.57% steam, steam saving 201800 tons per year, the total benefit of 54.54 million yuan in, also won the zhejiang province energy saving special funds 1 million yuan.Spent 2013 yuan in 2013, China strategic has introduced the international advanced level of "oxidation absorption" waste gas processing plant and high energy at low temperature cracking flue gas treatment device, to environmental protection rubber mixing, vulcanization equipment upgraded, the boiler flue gas desulfurization and denitration and dust removal integration transformation, emissions of various parameter values on the premise of comply with gb have fallen sharply, and obtained the hangzhou economic development zone, 3 million yuan.Comprehensive energy consumption of last year, the company 360400 tce, fell 2.81% year on year;Comprehensive energy consumption of ten thousand yuan output value of 0.1149 tce/ten thousand yuan, down 6.73% year-on-year.In April this year, China central television in China strategic chaoyang rubber co., LTD., has carried on the four days of "carbon rope - climate change and low carbon development" project, the company introduced advanced equipment and tire production process, heat preservation, sulfide, tai wai, steam valve flue gas concentration of governance, energy control centers, central air conditioning fuzzy control system and so on has carried on the comprehensive interpretation.

Aeolus tyre co., LTD is the first company in tire industry implements the unified environmental standards at home and abroad, to realize radial tire series products of green manufacturing enterprises.On the third session of the "green industry conference" at the United Nations to introduce the typical experience about the development of the green, UN recognition level are obtained.

In recent years, guizhou tyre co., LTD., has invested nearly 200 million yuan of energy saving technical reconstruction funds, the implementation of a large number of key energy-saving technological transformation projects.Last year, the company's energy system optimization project on energy saving technical reconstruction in 2013 the central government rewards program, with a total investment of 64.1 million yuan to implement all-steel tire nitrogen vulcanization renovation project, such as energy saving 17700 tce.At the same time on the project and copper cash tire (chongqing) co., LTD., energy system optimization and energy saving technical reconstruction projects, a total investment of 14.05 million yuan, can save 06600 tce.

Green technology research and development

At the same time, the industry key enterprises to speed up the pace of green tire development and production, through the transformation and upgrading of product structure to achieve energy saving target.

Zhongce rubber group, total investment of more than 8500 ten thousand yuan, white adhesive technology research and development, reduce the tire rolling resistance, saving, environmental protection;Development of EU environmental protection series formula, reduce environmental pollution;To develop low noise structure pattern design, reduce the environmental noise pollution, etc.In February, the triangle group started 4 million x 2 high-performance passenger tire upgrade project, eliminated 9.1 million/year 14 inches below the passenger tire production capacity, production of high performance, high speed, low carbon environmental protection by using radial tire and snow tires.Shandong linglong tyre co., LTD. "green high performance car radial tyre" project, is included in the 2013 national key new product project.

At the beginning of 2010, copper cash group launched the first environmental protection and energy saving all steel heavy truck tyres - FT105 certified by the environmental protection agency SmartWay, became the first certified by the Chinese tyre manufacturers.By the end of 2013, the copper cash, China strategic, triangle, and exquisite, fengshen, round, your wheel, double star etc. Several companies products, all by the epa certification, improve the export proportion of green tire.







Green manufacturing is subject to a torque

Achieve low carbon economy, green manufacturing, not overnight things, some enterprises energy saving consciousness, energy saving and environmental protection project of lack of money, more some blind investment backward production capacity, low level repeated construction, a lot of waste of resources and energy.For this, expert proposal, the state and provincial, municipal government departments at all levels every year to arrange all kinds of energy-saving technology demonstration project, key energy-saving projects, enterprises should actively declare and implement, strive for the financial support, promote energy-saving emission reduction projects play a role as soon as possible.

According to the measures for energy saving technical reconstruction financial reward fund management, filing and included in the national development and reform commission, ministry of finance annual energy saving technical reconstruction project implementation enterprises, will gain support from the central government special fund.At the same time, governments at all levels through strict project access system, speed up eliminating backward production capacity;Strictly carry out projects to review and eia, the project can use situation, the clean production assessment and review, in the process of implementation of the project and reply content of serious, cancel the project establishment formalities in accordance with the law.

Glass cement prices falling, focus on structural opportunities

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On May 19 to May 23, the cement market prices fell 1 yuan/ton, or 0.28%, rose 3 yuan/ton in northeast China (shenyang + 10), east China fell 5 yuan/ton (Shanghai - 35), other parts price flat;National average cement stocks rose 1% month-on-month, which fell 1% in northeast China (kiamusze - 5%), east China rose 1% (+ 5% + 5% of wuxi, changzhou, ningbo + 5%, tongling + 2% and + 5%, fuzhou longyan + 5%, jiujiang + 5%), central south region rose 2% (+ 10% in changsha, changde + 10% and + 10% in guangzhou, the Germany + 5%, yunfu + 10%), there were no changes in other areas;Coal prices: qinhuangdao route for coal prices from flat;East China rose 6 yuan/ton, other regional coal prices unchanged;National average cement coal prices fell 1 yuan/ton, or 0.35%, rose 3 yuan/ton in northeast China, east China fell 6 yuan/ton, in other parts of the price difference.

Glass industry: May 19 to May 23, the average price fell 0.75 yuan / &heavy, major cities, applies [1.05, 0.40] $/ &heavy, including qinhuangdao - 1.05 yuan / &heavy, Shanghai - 0.95 yuan / &heavy, guangzhou - 0.50 yuan / &heavy, Shanghai - 0.85 yuan / &heavy, chengdu - 0.40 yuan / &heavy;Inventory: on May 23, 32.09 million &heavy inventory, year-on-year increase of 60000 &heavy, compared with the previous year increased by 16.73%;Production line: output line on May 23, 322, year-on-year increase in article 29, sequential number remains the same;In April the ignition of guangdong German hongtai secondary flat 900 tons of lead plate production.

Other building materials industry, industrial naphthalene, acrylic prices fall, the waste and polyether prices
Maintain industry "hold" rating on May 19 to 23, cement and glass prices continue to fall, since mid-april cement prices have a small decline in five consecutive weeks, five weeks and that is also in the first half of the peak season of consumption, the peak season prices herald the next off-season downward price pressure is bigger.From our previous estimates, the cement industry is to improve the supply of this year, if demand growth will remain at 4% to 4%, the cement industry marginal supply and demand will be upward;And since this year, although supply has improved, declining more than expected, but demand growth demand weakness will be for the current relatively high cement puts downward pressure on prices, suggest to wait and see.

Glass industry faces this year bad combination (falling demand + supply release + costs), and earnings persistence of downward pressure on prices, waiting for the clearing industry adjustment.

Glass fiber industry has warmed, but still need to further its sustainability and amplitude tracking research, we will continue to glass fiber industry chain research and prompt investment opportunities in time.In the backdrop of the building materials industry demand downside, we believe that the future opportunities mainly comes from two small molecule, is a decorative materials (consumer upgrades, city share increased), the second is the new material (transformation, new product volume), specific to the target, we focus on the current Fang Xing science and technology, shares in long beach, east rain rainbow and wei star new materials.

Risk warning
Macroeconomic continue downward, the new production can more than expected, prices of raw materials rose sharply.

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